CITY club in Malbork

Climate and trendy clubs on the map in Malbork and the surrounding area. Excellent location in the city center.
Modern architectural styles combined with top-quality lighting technology allow this club take the title of uniqueness.
Klub City Malbork

Let’s get to know each other


The area of over 300 m2 dedicated to the function of the club and part of the bowling alley.

Equipment of the highest quality music and sound system and bar focusing on their shelves alcohols from all over the world.

Club section has several functions from small business meetings, conferences and training through to evening club events.

Let’s fun


The City Club & Bowling can hear well-known Polish and foreign artists, who provide a unique music experience. It’s a place where you can always count on a successful play at the best club sounds and each event is unique.

Most often you will hear from us myzukę House, RnB and club music and well-known hits. Often we organize live concerts and together watching sporting events.

Information about current events in the Club can be found on our Facebook

Sprawdź na Facebooku aktualne wydarzenia
klub city malbork
klub city malbork


Drink’s & spirits

Our professional bartenders set before you cold drinks and perfectly composed. Such as mi.in .:

♥ NEW YORK (Citron Vodka,  Tripple sec,  Peachtree, Lime juice, cranberry juice),

♥ MILAN (Aperol, Prosecco, woda gazowana),

♥ PARIS (Finlandia Vodka, Chambord Liqueur, sok ananasowy).

♥ MEXICO CITY (Tequila, Tripple Sec, Lemon Juce)

A wide selection of spirits from around the world.

Refer to us and… back.


Welcome to the club, people who have completed 21 years.

Visit us inhabitants of Malbork and the surrounding area. But also come to us people from the Tri-City and Warsaw.

We will help you organize your events like birthday or bachelorette party. The offer will prepare individually. The proposal is unique because you are unique for us.

Contact us: cityclub.malbork@gmail.com

klub city malbork
klub city malbork


Entertainment for everyone – bowling

Telephone booking tracks:  55 270 20 40


in the week / on weekends

3O MIN – 20 zł / 30 zł

60 MIN – 30 zł / 50 zł

120 MIN – 50 zł / 70 zł


Everything important

Reservations can be made at tel 665 123 333 and paying a deposit (refundable).

E-mail contact: cityclub.malbork@gmail.com

The possibility of organizing corporate events, integration, greeting.

The club is available for free wifi.

klub city malbork